Does Your Happiness Lie in Sex or Money?

Does Your Happiness Lie in Sex or Money?
You may want to have a good time with your partner on the bed. But what if you cannot pay for their small needs? Will this make you satisfied? The answers to this may vary across people. Some couples may be able to adjust and go on with life with less money. But it may not be the same with everyone. So many relationships break due to financial issues. But people may separate because of dissatisfaction in sex.

Money and Relationship

In relationship, beside love, to fulfill the basic needs is also important. You do require a house to stay and food to eat. A bit of leisure is also a part of everyone’s fun time. You must have seen couples going out on vacation by taking some time off their regular busy schedule. But not everyone may be able to do so. Due to job insecurity or lack of finances, some couples may not be able to quench their desires.

In such situations, there might be a feeling of incompleteness. You may not able to buy what you want or splurge or anything. Every time you may have to curtail the costs or take every step very carefully so as to waste no money. Moreover, if you are starting new with your partner, gifts and tokens are general form of showing affection. This may be difficult if you do not have enough bread on you.

Sex and Love Life

Sex is an essential part of every relationship. That love feeling grows better, if your physical needs meet. Sex is nothing bad. It is just a way of portraying your passion and also arriving to a satisfaction that may be money can never give. Many relationships do not work out because of bad sex life. They may have all the money they need in the world. But due to absence of sexual activities, it just does not strike the chords of heart.

Sexual tensions can create issues in marriage and relationships. The same way, sex can also make one feel complete and relaxed. It brings couples closer to each other. It is also a way to copulate. A childless couple may quarrel more and blame each other for not being able to make a baby. This can however not be the real factor of contention at all. If both of them understand the real cause of the dilemma, these dilemmas may reduce.

Money May Not Be an Issue

But many couples sail through all such harshness of life very smoothly. Money may not be the priority in their relationship. They can do very well without spending much and are fine with doing small adjustments. Working hard to earn money is a way to get over this problem. Some of the happy couples going through such a condition may opine that they at least have the one they love and money is just secondary.

Others reach to a conclusion that one can earn whenever they want to but not always get the person whom they love. Though there may be some complications because of less bread, the problematic days can be passed with the support of the loved one. Having a perfect love life is more important for them rather than going all glitzy. But is money not anything at all? Let us know the truth behind this question.

Sex Not a Priority

Some couples hardly are about sex being the integral part of their lives. They may be driven by money and personal success more than getting involved in lovemaking. Sometimes, there may be certain diseases or condition that disturbs the process of sex. This can create a lot of misunderstandings. But many just treat this as destiny and move on happily together without any complaints.

Some couples may also say that being together and helping each other with emotional support is more necessary than sex. Money may not be the center of all the attraction and neither is sex. It can be pure love that strengthens the bond between the two. Childless couple may opt to adopt children rather than fight over. If there is low sex life between the couples, they may cope with it in some practical ways.

Is Money Really Not a Factor in Happiness?

Who says that money does not bring happiness? Obviously it does. Everyone likes to live their dream and fulfill their material needs. It may be the key to success for many. For others it may be just one of the methods to live the day to day life. But some may be too addicted to it or really need it because of some dire consequences.  But there are times, when even too much of money may not be able to help you.

These situations may relate to your emotional state. But some people do find respite in entertainment too. They may go out with friends and just may be hang out with people for a movie or a brunch. This may be one of the stress busters. For such activities also you may require money. So yes, money does make one content and bring luxury to life. But this may not be the sole factor to satisfaction in everyone’s living.

Sex is also Necessary

Not every couple can do without sex. They may want to have a complete relationship that involves sex. The frustration resulting from poor sex life may not be easy for everyone. They issues of infidelity may increase because of this. Physical needs may be as important as the emotional and money requirement. But if sex life tumbles, everything may go down the hill.

It is important that you identify what you really want in your life. If sex or money, anyone of the two makes you happier, it is your call. There is nothing wrong to have your own preference. You do not have to be among the herd of the commoners. But be careful that when you are going in a relationship, always know what your partner wants from you and vice versa. This will save you and your partner from confronting ugly issues in the relationship later on.