Why Men Are Most Prone To Heart Disease?

Heart disease is a basic term to various other cardiovascular problems, such as coronary heart failure, illness of the coronary heart muscles, cardiac arrest etc.  Signs of heart disease in men and women reveal similarities; however, the only difference is how they appear. While each gender might have symptoms of cardiovascular disease that may result in heart attacks.Heart DiseaseBoth men and women have similar symptoms of heart disease such as chest pain, back pain especially on the left side, short breath etc., and basic treatment process like angioplasty, bypass and so on.

Various things about men’s lifestyle contribute towards several heart diseases, if some of the hazardous habits men choose to keep away will also help keeping away to prone from heart troubles.

  • Men have very bad habits of consuming high levels of sodium products in forms of meals like fast food, junk food, red meat etc. Diet encompassed with high sodium increase the level of blood pressure and greases cholesterol to rise. It is also vice a versa that less intake of dietary salt also results in low blood pressure and even cause to stroke. Men should intake sufficient amount of salt through dietary to keep balanced in the body. Kidney isn’t able to process slat in blood, hence raises blood pressure and starts developing blockages in arteries.  It may also lead to kidney failure with heart problems.
  • Addiction of drugs, smoke, and alcohol is foremost reason men are prone to heart disease. All these addictions destroy healthy functioning of valves of heart. They also attacks nervous system, circulatory system and brain, which weakens body slowly and unable to fight against any heart disease when it is caused. Abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco results in irregular heartbeat, hypertension, high blood pressure, and sudden death by cardiac problems.
  • Even sex hormones of men disadvantage them to have heart problems. Studies say estrogens increase bad cholesterol in men. Whereas in case of women sex hormone oestrogen helps them to protect blood and enables to their heart to work functionally. The estrogens sex hormones in men develop naturally. After 40 age men start weaken their body and hormones, results in less blood circulation and leads to creates blockages in artery.
  • Men have extra abdominal fats than of women. Excess body fats leads to rise in depression, stress, anxiety etc, well all these things affects the functioning of heart and makes it perform irregular. Men do develop such fast because of unhealthy diet habit, less physical activity and so on. We do agree even women have unhealthy eating habits, but women are able to exfoliate its toxic and able to have proper blood circulation due to monthly menstrual periods. This is best advantage for women to have less risk of heart disease then men.