A Short Synopsis On Congestive Heart Failure

congestive-heart-failureIn a recent survey, this was carried out in the United States, showed that around 67 percent of the elders experienced this at least once in their life. It was painful for many of them but a few lost their lives. This is very commonly occurs in elderly people especially those who are above the age of 60. This on the other hand results in low cardiac output and at the same time can very drastically decrease the amount of oxygen and blood supplying to the brain and other body tissues. Congestive heart failure in elders is linked to many other unwanted health conditions, which can either reduce the amount of heart to pass on enough amount of blood.

What Is The Causes Congestive Heart Failure?

One of the major causes of congestive heart failure is coronary artery disorder or medically called as arteriosclerosis that triggers toughening of the arteries. When we get older with age, the muscles, which control the heart, weaken and hence it is not able to pump the needed amount of blood. This further makes accumulation of the bloodstock up in the lower extremities of the human body and hence leading to a heart failure. The other causes includes swelling of heart muscles, a hole in the heart, flaws of heart muscles, hypertension, valve infection, obesity, over consumption of alcohol etc.

How This Can Be Cured?

The treatment recommended for heart failure depends on many other several factors like the causes, harshness and other health conditions.

1.    The first thing, which can be used to cure CHF, is taking the help of a few medicines and making some necessary changes in the lifestyle. For many of the sufferers, curing a heart failure is not possible but with medications, this can be managed well.

2.    Moderate intensity workouts are an excellent way to avoid CHF as this pumps enough oxygen and blood to the heart.

3.    Eating a diet of full nutritious food can be really very helpful and cutting down too much of excess oil too. Follow a diet plan and do not compromise on your everyday routine. Be sincere to overcome this problem soon. Many a times, intake of too much salt is the cause of such severity in heart cases. Two tablespoon of salt is okay to have on a daily basis.

4.    Heart failures results due to some kind of specific abnormalities in the valves. A surgery can be done to either replace the valve or cover the hole between the chambers. If you are attacked with a heart blockage twice, a pacemaker can be placed surgically. This enhances the effectiveness of the heart to pump well.

5.    The third solution is the heart transplant and this is only done when the heart failure problem is too very severe to deal for the individual.