Cardiovascular Disease: Some Facts

What if you realise that you have just given birth to a baby whose heart has not even completely developed, but has already been struck with a red horned demon of congenital heart disease? Blue – is just how you would feel!

cardiovascular facts_3But it is ultimately a fact of life that if we do not look after ourselves well enough when it comes to the tender period of pregnancy we can expand such symptoms and hazards to the coming off spring. This one is nothing but a cardiovascular disease!

What is the meaning of cardiovascular diseases? Yeah! This big C named disease is the one which is related to the organ of love in human beings and can be of great threat when it comes to the usual “heart attacks” getting on to not only the “oldies” these days but also to the mid aged people due to the sedentary lifestyle and cholesterol full bodies that we society dwellers today possess!

Those veins, capillaries and arteries connected to the red organ on the left side of our body are the deciding factors as to whether the heart is pumping, is in rhythm and working well or no! Because if it is this gentleman that does not complete its working efficiently and in time, that leads to the entire body falling prey to various innumerable disorders! These could include trouble in breathing, palpitations, swelling of hands and legs etc. When the heart fails to pump enough of oxygenated blood to the various parts of the body and the brain most importantly, there could be signs of blacking out and weakness ruining the entire body system melodramatically!

If you have been dominated by the pegs of alcohol and clouds of cigarette puffing and a huge belly doing its way to the extreme, then you may just fall prey to the organ of love; whereby you can be attacked by any of the cardiovascular disease forms – arteriosclerosis, coronary heart diseases, and etc. which relate to the blocking of the arteries and the inefficiency of the cardiovascular system to perform its tasks!

People who have already been too sugary and got the diabetes on them or been too salty and got the high blood pressure on them; can get too blue with inviting the new disease on them in the form of cardiovascular disease. In such cases, a person suffering from this disorder needs to be on continuous medication while needs to observe a healthy and nutritious diet and workout pattern to keep the heart healthy and the cholesterol at bay!

Laughter therapy is the new way of relieving stress and depression to keep the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases away in a smiling and healthy way! This is mostly adopted by the elderly but proves to keep life and the heart all hale and hearty! Mostly men fall prey to this disease and the number of people passing away due to this one is just peaking! However, even women post their menopause are at as much risk to acquire the disease just as men in general.

Thus, make sure you get yourself the right tools of good food and active life to keep cholesterol and other sugar and salt diseases away to avoid and prevent the diseases of the heart!