What Are The Skin Problems With Aging?

Skin plays an important role in grooming our character. They are important as a good and healthy skin can help you look young and fresh whereas the bad skin can make you look otherwise.

ageing skinIt is necessary that as one grows older, he/she should be aware about the possible changes that are going to happen in the skin. It is equally necessary that they are aware about their causes and preventions. Let’s have a look at all those common problems which a person faces while growing older.

Itching And Dry Skin:

This is quite common for older people to facing itching and dry skin. This can be particularly felt in their lower legs, forearms and their elbows. This happens when the skin gets rough and scaly and often is accompanied by an intense and distressing itching. The outside factor which contributes to the problem could be the low humidity; which is the result of overheating during the winter and air conditioning at the summer, adds up to the dryness and itching problem. The loss of sweat and oil glands could add up to the problem. Apart from it, the factors which could furthermore add to it could be the antiperspirants, overuse of soaps, hot baths or even perfumes.

Dry or itching skin could even affect the sleep. The most basic treatment would be to use moisturizers; which can control the loss of water and even soothe the skin.


Over the years, the Sun’s UV rays have damaged the skin fiber, elastin. When these fibers breakdown, the skin loses its ability to stretch snap back once stretched. This results in wrinkles. The gravity works on it by pulling and causing it to snag. The wrinkles could be visible on the face, neck and the upper arms. Apart from UV rays, cigarette smoking also plays a vital role in bringing wrinkles. To avoid wrinkles, there are many age revitalize products are available in the market. Make sure that you buy only those which are approved by FDA.

Skin Cancer:

This is the most common type of cancer in the U.S. Anyone can get the skin cancer but elderly people are at a higher risk of it. The main reason behind getting the skin cancer is the UV rays. Moreover, the artificial sources of the UV rays, like the sunlamps and tanning booths, can hold responsible for the cancer.

It is necessary that all types of skin cancer should be cured once they are brought to a doctor’s attention. This is basically to avoid them from spreading. The basic warming of the skin cancer is the change in the color of the skin. The skin cancer doesn’t show the same skin color change, so it is important that one should meet the doctor on a regular basis.


These are only an outbreak of a rash or blister which may be the result in severe pain. These are caused by the varicella-zoster virus; which is also the cause of chickenpox. Once, a person is attacked by the chickenpox, the virus stays inside the nerve tissue, silently. After years, they have a possibility of reappearance as shingles. This can also be the result of weak immune and stress. It is advised to meet the doctor soon after you suspect shingles.


Many elderly people observe the rise in the number of the bruises, mostly on their legs and arms. This is because the skin gets damaged by the Sun and becomes thinner with age. The skin buries and tears more easily and takes a longer time to heal. It is always good to visit a doctor if you’re suffering from it.

Age Spots:

These are also known as ‘liver spots.’ These are nothing but flat, brown spots which are the result of the years of exposure to the Sun. Actually; they are bigger than the freckles and can be seen mostly in fair-skinned people. These appear mostly on the most exposed areas to the Sun like face, arms, hands and even feet. There are varieties of treatments available for it. The best way to prevent it is to apply the sunscreen.

Naturally, everyone wants to have a healthy and growing skin as they age. But there are certain things which can be prevented and certain, which can’t. It is important that you take of your skin and keep visiting your doctor on a regular basis so that you can diagnose the problem much before they starts to show.