Tricks To Stave Off The Unpleasant Pain Of Waxing

As women, we make ourselves  an object to all sorts of cosmetic treatments that would make a guy wince. Waxing is indeed one of them.  For some, the word waxing  automatically sends a shudder down their spines.


Yes, it is painful- at times  slight discomfort to extreme unbearable torture. But at the same time, it is also considered as the most effective, quick and economical way to  beat the day to day issue of shaving those unwanted hairs. As simple as this sounds, removing hair can be really challenging especially if you are hairy type.

But as the common saying goes..”no pain, no gain”, this idiom matches perfectly well with waxing.  However, you can still make waxing a bearable session by backing up some tricks and essential preparations. Some tricks and tips are listed below.

  • Exfoliate Before Waxing:  Exfoliating 24 hours before your waxing appointment will help ease the discomfort and pain by  removing the dead skin cells, which instead allows the wax to reach the petite hairs.  It is also the best way to eliminate dull spots from the skin and make them glow.
  • Pop A Pain Killer Tablet Before Waxing Session:  Believe it or no, gulping down a pain reliever an hour prior your waxing, will ease off the pain and make the moment more bearable.
  • Decide A Right Time:  This is another essential thing to think about before waxing.  Take waxing appointment right the midpoint of your menstrual cycle, the time when you ovulate.  Almost every woman feels discomfort right prior, during and after her monthly periods due to the hormonal changes and extra blood flow.
  • Breathe In And Out:  All those meditating sessions and yoga you have taken pay off while you are planning to get waxed.  Much like other exercises, breathing is also essential while waxing because breathing in and out helps relieving pain.  So, take a deep breathe when hot wax is applied, and then exhale gradually when the strip is pulled off.
  • Do The Things That Distract You:  When you were a kid and scared stiff to get your blood tests done, the only thing you were told by your parents was not to look.  The similar rule applies to waxing. Try indulging into something that appeals you, or simply turn your head and cough out when the strip is pulled out, this will surely distract you from the pain caused due to waxing.
  • Palm Press:  The pressure of your palm can help in reducing the pain. So, as soon as the strip is off, press over the wax area with your palm.
  • Speak Out If The Pain Is Unbearable:  Don’t hesitate to inform your esthetician is the pain becomes unbearable.  Considering your pain, a good one will try their level best to make you feel comfortable.

Pain is always connected with beauty challenges, thus you should always manage the pain by taking right preparations and ensuring that you are on the right track to have the process like waxing done.