Taking Care For Better And Healthy Toes

Toe is obviously an important part of our body. Any anomalies associated with this part can cause great discomfort. Experts suggest that people affected with diabetes are generally are at increased risk of suffering from toe conditions. It is essential to care of your toe and prevent infection from occurring.Toe CareMoist and humid toe are often prone to infections. You must have experienced that if you keep your shoes on for a long time, it may cause sweating of the toe which may lead to foul smell. Such conditions should be avoided in order to maintain healthy toe. Here are some tips to help you take better care of your feet.

Feet Inspection:

Ensure that you inspect your feet on a regular basis. If you experience any anomaly such as trauma including cuts, swelling, change in color, blister, cracks etc. should be informed to the doctor with immediate effect. If you are not able to see the bottom area of the toe, use a mirror to do so.

Is Your Shoe For You?

Shoe fitting is important in order to maintain toe health. Ensure that your shoe is comfortable enough to provide sufficient room for your toe without squeezing it. Every time before you wear your shoe to ensure there is no foreign objects in it; for example gravel that may cause sore or irritations. It is also important that you wear proper fitting socks.

Toe Hygiene:

Keeping your toe dirty is a way to invite infection and other anomaly associated with it. Hence you should wash your toe properly on a daily basis. While washing ensure that you clean in between your toes. After washing is done, use a clean and dry towel to wipe clean your feet. Ensure that no dampen region left.

Care For Your Nail:

You should clean your toe nails every time you go for washing. Maintain a well trimmed and hygienic toe nails. While you trim your nails make sure that you cut the edges smooth. To make the process easier you can cut your nails after taking bath or shower.

Allow The Doctor To Treat:

There are many individuals who may try to treat their toe related anomalies all by them self. This should be strictly avoided. You should consult a doctor if you notice any irregularity associated with your toe.

Nail Polish:

This is something that is your cup of tea. Polishing your nail is said to be helpful in protecting it from infections. While doing this ensure that you are buying good quality nail polish.


This is something that women love to do. Pedicure is usually done in saloon settings. During this procedure your feet are cleaned using different techniques. It is also ensured that your nails are well shaped, trimmed and cleaned. After the procedure they may also put some nail polish on your toe nails. If you desire to save some money that you spend in the saloon you can do pedicure all by yourself.

These are some effective and helpful ways in which you can ensure that your toe remains hygienic and healthy.