Skincare Suggestions for Summer

Are your legs turning flaky and dry with arms losing their tones and blemishes occurring from the oily spots around your nose? If yes, then do not panic, as you can take care of these with the right skincare tips during summer.

Skin Care Tips For Summer 2013With the cases of skin cancer on rise, it has become necessary to take proper care of our skin to avoid any damage. Most importantly, avoid going under the sun from morning 10 to evening 4 to avoid the scorching heat rays. Whether cloudy or sunny, always wear a nice sunblock having SPF more than 15 and the one that includes titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

These help to block the harmful UVB and UVA sun rays from getting into your skin. In addition, they offer sound protection compared to chemicals that usually reflect the sunrays and do nothing else.

Here are a few cool skincare suggestions for summer:

  • Always keep the basics in mind

Apply a good lotion around 20 minutes prior to moving outdoors and if possible, reapply in every a few hours. To protect your head, it is advisable to wear a hat with a four to five inch brim to protect your neck, face and ears.

  • Be watchful

Check the skin once in every month for any change or new occurrences to assist in protecting the onset of skin cancer.

  • Sprinkle and Sip

Recent studies show that having curcumin and green tea helps to fight against skin cancer effectively. Loaded with excellent antioxidants, green tea helps to curb DNA damage caused to the cells of skin when one applies topically.

Apart from selecting green tea consisting lotions and sunblocks, then having a couple or more cups of this beneficial tea with turmeric will help offer excellent protection to your skin.

  • Keep your Outfits on

Sunblock is necessary, but it might not beat sun protective apparels when talking about curbing the risk of skin cancer. In fact, tightly woven apparels in bright and dark shades instead of pastel, pale or white colors are excellent to have during summer. For added protection, look out for some good UVA absorbing apparels.

  • Kiss Lip Balm

Protecting the lips is an imperative thing when it comes to preventing cancer of skin during the summer. According a recent research, one in the four Americans apply sun-protective balm on lips. It is advisable to use lip balm having an SPF of more than 15 and make sure that you apply it in every 15-20 minutes before moving outdoors.

It is imperative to reapply the lip balm all through the day, as it gets wiped off easily when eating and drinking. In case you are wearing a shiny or glossy lipstick or lip gloss, then make sure that you layer it with a protective balm. This is because dermatologists believe that glosses might boost the penetration of the ever-harmful ultraviolet rays.

  • Protect your bases

Women as compared to men are more prone to develop melanoma. It is a deadly skin cancer type, which occurs on the chest area. Thus, when exposing your skin, it is always a good idea to take proper care and apply adequate sunblock on the exposed skin areas.

Though summer might turn a bit harsh at times with the rise in mercury levels and make it a bit uncomfortable to carry out the daily routines, but there should be no excuse when it comes to taking care of your skin. Follow these tips, enjoy the summer, and let your skin enjoy its sheen and luster too.