Skin Tag – Types, Symptoms & Treatments

skin tagsOverview

Necks, armpits and groins are the main locations which can be attacked by the skin tag tumors basically known as benign tumors and may not be noticed most of times as they must have fallen off the stalk that connects them to the skin. However, they may be really tiny and sometimes not visible to the naked eye by an ordinary person, as they are the size of a rice grain. They may be as long as half an inch at times and may require treatment at the earliest. On the face, they are usually observed on the eyelids, as they occupy the skin folds there! However, they are harmless and painless otherwise.


There are no relevant types of acrochordons or skin tags but however their appearance in the different parts of the body may be relevantly classified and the cause of such a problem may distinguish its appearance.


Usually when people age and even the ones who gain a tremendous amount of weight, are the ones who usually fall prey to the skin disorder which is however not harmful but should be treated in time in order to avoid the spread of the disease. Peduncle is usually observed and this is nothing but the raised texture of the skin whereby the color may turn red making obvious the tiny tags on the folds of the skin. It is not painful and definitely not harmful to the human beings. Smooth appearance or even irregular appearance may be noticed when it comes to noticing the fleshy stalk on the creases of the skin of the person. It usually develops when the skin is rubbing against itself for quite some time now.


Usually harmless and painless, these benign tumors are generally noticed in people who gain weight tremendously or who are aging. Any person suffering from Diabetes or even pregnancy may cause the benign tumors or skin tags to erupt. There are no hardcore causes but however any type of disorder previously existing such as diabetes etc. could causes the skin ailment. Not only this, the usual rubbing of the skin against the skin itself can cause this and thus it is usually observed at spots where the skin folds or creases itself.


Scalpel or scissors or just generally freezing of the skin tags that hang from the stalks of the skin that connect it to the skin, made up by the doctor could be the most easy treatment of these as they do not require any sort of severe medication and like. They generally may be prone to just falling off themselves on being rubbed off or just during winters as simple as that. However in cases where they appear very visibly and are large in size they could be removed with the help of a therapy called electro surgery whereby the use of the electric current to remove it from the skin is used!


In order to avoid such circumstances of skin tags, it is essentially important to keep away sweat as well as excess weight off your body in order to help the skin remain neat and less creased out! In the cases whereby they occur on a hereditary note there may be no precautions available but to treat it by freezing it off or just by cutting it off! Keeping healthy and “disease-free” such as off the diabetes and thyroid weight gain can be helpful. Illegal steroid use should be avoided which will prevent the skin from bonding and thus producing the skin tags.

Home Remedies

As a home remedy too, you can a pair of sterilized scissors and some peroxide used on the area before you chop it off yourself at home. This is the easiest as well as a safe remedy to help get rid of the skin tags! Help yourself by hanging the skin tag! Yes! Hang it- By tying a thread around it. When the skin tag will not get the necessary oxygen and blood supply to enhance the cell growth, it shall black out and die off! It shall fall off! As easy as it sounds! Duct tape can be sued to tightly wrap the skin tag again stopping the oxygen and blood supply in the tag making it cut off the skin easily. Tea tree oil can also be used for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties!

Warnings / Precautions

There are no such precautions that one can take when it comes to skin tags on a person. This could be hormonal and also hereditary. But however cutting them off is a safe and the best option to get rid of them. Keeping yourself fit and off excess weight may prevent their growth in the body. The skin may not bond to produce these harmless tags if you keep away from the illegal steroid use!

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

These skin tags are harmless and painless, but however, a pregnant lady wouldn’t want the similar effect on its baby in the future and thus to inquire about the hormonal or hereditary changes in the baby due to its current presence in the pregnant woman could be an important interrogation. It is necessary to find out if the development of more of these is possible in the future and if it would be painful. To know which treatment is best suitable for your skin is also important!

Special Note

It is extremely important to keep the skin from being creasy all the time. Thus remain fit and avoid such circumstances. People with human papilloma virus (low risk HPV 6 and 11) are more prone and risk oriented to the skin tags. It has been found out that 46 percent of the people in the entire world suffer from the painless acrochordon and usually it is the presence of these in the family members or relatives that usually causes the growth of such skin tags in people!