Make Your Lips Luscious With These Simple Ways

There are ways to get to luscious and glossy lips that are beautiful and supple by trying these simple everyday methods:

lips-lusciousStop Smoking

Smoking releases and increases the number of free radicals that eventually lead to premature skin aging. Thus, wrinkles start appearing on your lips and they start looking shrivelled. Smoking also leads to collagen loss, which further exacerbates the condition of your lip skin. Stop smoking and see the results for yourself. You lip skin will start regaining its elasticity and start looking better.

Exfoliate Your Lips

This can be done gently with your toothbrush after you brush your teeth. It can also be done by using a gentle skin exfoliation cream and or gel. A lip exfoliation cleanser is also available which can be used. Be gentle so that stretch and scratch marks do not appear. Exfoliating your lips will take away the chapping.

Apply A Moisturiser

After exfoliation, the skin is deprived of all its moisture. You need to replace it with a good moisturiser. It is best if the moisturiser used is a natural product like cocoa butter or chocolate flavoured lip treats which is colourless and shiny. The moisturiser will not only replace the lost moisture but will also smooth the surface of the lip skin. It will thus temporarily plump up the lip skin.

Apply Honey

Honey has several benefits to offer your skin and overall health. When generously applied on the lips and left untouched for a while, it acts as a natural humectants. It draws the moisture from the air and supplies it to your lips. It thus provides your lips with a cool and natural moisturising effect.

Apply A Moisture Barrier

To keep your lips hydrated all the time, moisturise it with a lip balm or Chap Stick. This can be avoided by applying a moisture barrier, which prevents moisture from evaporating from your lips. A potent moisture barrier can be prepared by applying vegetable glycerine with Vitamin E or wheat germ oil. This mixture will keep your lips moisturised and hydrated for a long time and thus will prevent your lips from going dry and flaking.

Keep Hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day at regular intervals. Water is not just important for good metabolism and overall health, but is also extremely crucial for healthy looking hair and skin. Water will provide natural moisture to your lips and help them look fuller. It will also add that natural gloss to your lips, which will make them look healthy and luscious!

Therefore, you see getting glossy and luscious lips is not that difficult. You only need to be patient and apply the afore-mentioned tips.