Keep Away From These Habits To Thwart Pimples

PimplesPimples are very common among young people. For all those suffering from this problem, I would advise you to keep away from some bad habits that cause pimples on face.

What Are Pimples?

Pimples are very commonly occurring skin irruptions on the face due to various causes. It is more common among younger people. The primary cause of pimples is the fluctuation in the hormonal levels of young people. Such hormonal imbalances are more common when a person reaches his or her adolescent age. Excess of oil secretion and blockage of the sebaceous glands due to excess oil are major causes of pimples.

Bad Habits That Cause Pimples

Some bad habits trigger the occurrence of pimples. Everyone must be aware of all these bad habits and should avoid them. Some of these bad habits are discussed below:

  • 1.    Washing The Skin Very Often
  • Washing the face and keeping it clean is no doubt a good habit, but excessive washing many times a day may lead to negative effects. Pimples may increase by washing face often. Thus, you should wash your face properly only twice a day, once in the morning after waking up and once at night before going to bed.
  • 2.    Vigorous Scrubbing Of The Skin
  • You should scrub your skin occasionally with soft cotton. Scrubber creams can also be used for this purpose. However, excessive and vigorous scrubbing of the skin may cause pimples. Never scrub your face with rough cloth. Instead mild cleansers should be used.
  • 3.    Do Not Wipe Sweaty Skin Directly
  • Whenever your skin is sweaty in hot and humid seasons, you should not directly wipe out your sweaty skin. You should first wash the sweaty skin with face wash and cleansers and then wipe it with some soft cloth or towel.
  • 4.    Never Prick Your Pimples
  • You should never touch or prick your pimples with your hands. It can break and damage the pimples leading to wounds and permanent marks on your face. Instead, you can apply effective topical ointments on the pimples in order to remove them from your face.
  • 5.    Regular Washing Of Oily Hair With Shampoo
  • Excessive oil content in the skin can cause acne. People who have oily hair must wash their hair with a good shampoo in order to reduce the oil content.
  • 6.    Avoid Eating Greasy Food Items
  • Greasy food can cause pimples on your face. Thus, you should always avoid eating excess of greasy or fat rich foods in order to prevent the occurrence of pimples.
  • 7.    Do Not Use Cosmetics Containing Oil
  • Excess skin oil is a major cause of pimples. Thus, cosmetics with oil content should not be used as make-ups.
  • 8.    Do Not Stop The Acne Treatments
  • If you are undergoing some prescribed acne treatment from a dermatologist, never pause or stop the treatment in the middle. You should always complete the entire treatment course with all types of medications and ointments prescribed to you by the dermatologist.
  • 9.    Never Use Oil Rich Creams
  • People with oily skin suffering from pimples must not use oil-based creams on their face. Instead, they can use gel-based cream to thwart the occurrence of pimples.

Avoid these bad habits, as all these play a vital role in triggering pimples. Follow good habits and keep pimples at bay.