Effective Tricks To Prevent Ringworms

RingwormRingworm is a disease that causes red patches on your skin and itches immensely. It spreads through body contact or any things that has been used by the person having ringworm.

What Is Ringworm?
Ringworm or dermatophytosis is actually a fungal infection, which occurs in the skin of human beings and few pets like cats, sheep, etc. There are many species of ringworm such as tineapedis, tineaunguium etc. Though it occurs in many animals but we will not be discussing about them. We will only concentrate on human beings.

How Does It Occur?
They are not any kind of worm but actually a fungus. Ringwormis caused by the external influence of this fungus through various sources and grows best in damp areas like swimming pool, folds of skin etc.

It causes rashes around the area and causes itchy sensation.
The skin becomes very dry and scaly.
The rashes spread in a round shape and the area turns red.
It is very common in the folds of hands, groin, inner thighs etc.

Ways To Prevent

  • Bath properly. Use soap and shampoo everyday to prevent any kind of fungal invasion
  • Dry your skin in a proper manner after your bath. Do not leave it damp as these fungus spreads quickly in the damp areas. It is best to dry off in the natural air and if you need to do it in a hurry use hair drier but don’t leave them damp
  • Change your socks and underwear every day. These parts of the body get dirty and also remain damp due to heavy sweat and on account of remaining covered
  • It is best not to share any persona commodities like comb, sports gear, towels or sheets. They are the source of fungal spreading
  • Do not go bare footed in the public baths as they are used by many. Use slippers or sandals as they will prevent direct contact with the fungus in the public bath
  • Shower immediately after sport session that has skin to skin contact. Do not avoid washing off
  • If you have already developed athlete’s foot then wear your socks before wearing your underwear so that they don’t contaminate your underwear and it gets spread in your private part
  • Clean your house pets properly as they can also spread the germs. Fungus like ringworm also affects the pets like cats, sheep, cattle etc
  • Make people aware about the disease so that they can take preventive measurements before it gets dangerous and spreads itself to other human bodies. Start it with your own home
  • Don’t scratch the areas that are already affected with ringworm fungus. It will spread more
  • Keep your home clean. Wash the sheets and linens every other day

How To Cure?
Ringwormcan be treated by using creams that are widely available in the market. Use them as long it is prescribed in the label or the doctor so that they don’t come back again. If you neglect the early signs, then it will only worsen the situation.