Best Ways To Stay Protected From Sun

During summer day’s people love to be outdoors for sun-tanning or for playing games or swimming. While doing these activities the skin becomes exposed to sun rays and the intensity of those rays can affect your skin badly. People experience many skin problems due to sun and one of them is sun burn.

protect skin from sun

When an individual is exposed to sun rays of high intensity, he can develop sun burns and if the intensity is increased one might develop a skin cancer as well. This is because the UV radiations ejected by the sun are higher these days so that skin cannot take it. This increases the chances of damage to the skin.

In summers, you might lose the complexion of your skin and skin might look dull and full of wrinkles. To avoid such problems and to be fresh and youthful during the summer, here are some tips that can help you protect from the sun:

Use Sunscreen: Apply the sunscreen to the parts that are exposed while moving out of the house. The necessary factor that a sunscreen should possess is SPF i.e. sun protection factor of minimum 15. Your sunscreen should have the ability to protect you from UV A and B rays. Apply the lotion 20 minutes before you are exposed to sun. You can reapply after swimming and sweating. Apply 3-4 times during a day. Apply on all the parts those are exposed and that include neck, face, arms and back.

Put On Protective Clothes: During a day time, put on the clothes that give you protection from sun. Try to cover your entire body with the clothes. White coloured clothes are preferable as they absorb minimum radiations.

Wear Sunglasses: Use the sunglasses made of good quality so that your eyes should stay protected from dangerous UV rays. Choose the glasses that give you maximum protection by blocking the UV rays to the direct contact with the eyes.

Prefer Sitting In Shade: The rays of sun are of higher intensity between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Don’t go out during this time and if you have some work to do during this time period then make sure you are sitting in shade where you are not exposed to sun.

Be Careful: You have to be careful especially when you are close to water surfaces, snow or sand as they can reflect the rays and cause the sun burn to you.

Check Out The UV Index: It is important to have some knowledge about UV Index so that you can plan your activities outside to prevent getting tanned.  You can check the information about UV index from different websites.

Avoid Using Tanning Oils: These oils are not responsible for protecting you from the sun but they might increase the risk of getting a sun burn.

Visit A Dermatologist: If your sunburns are making your uncomfortable and causes itching immediately visit a dermatologist to avoid further complications.

Use Hats: Hair and face are the important part as compared to others so it is necessary to take care of them by wearing big hats.

Avoid Tanning Bed: Even though salon owner might suggest you to go and try but trust me, the thing that is called as safe-tan is so not safe. Tanning beds are responsible for causing skin cancers.