7 Skincare Myths Debunked, Know The Facts!

Amidst all the hoopla surrounding innovative skin products, treatments and expert advice, we as consumers are flooded with loads of information leaving them perplexed as what’s the truth. Here, I will be debunking 7 skincare myths before you.

1.      The Skin Product Is Working If Your Skin Tingles

The tingling sensation is not telling that the product has started working; in fact, it is telling that the skin is inflamed and irritated. Though the skin might feel or look cleaner, such tingling sensation causing skin products can cause severe damage to skin. Irritants can damage elastin and collagen as well as the healing ability of skin.

2.      You Must Switch Your Skincare Products In Every Couple Of Months, As Your Skin Gets Acclimatized To Them

This is just not the truth. Our skin does not acclimatize to these products making them ineffective. The skin will stop improving, but this is because the skin might require additional help.

3.      All Women Will Eventually Develop Acne

Ironically, this is a situation where men tend to have added benefit over women. Usually, men outgrow acne. This is because men experience steady hormone levels post puberty. Whereas, women on the other hand experience fluctuations in hormones all through their lives because of pregnancy, menstrual cycles and so on. Women too can endure from acnes during 20s, 40s and beyond.

4.      A Skincare Product With Spf 30 Will Provide Double Protection Than The One With SPF 15

SPF 30 offers approx. four percent increased protection compared to the one with SPF 15. For maximizing the skin protection, apply your sunscreen generously, reapply when required and avoid going under the sun during the peak hours.

5.      Age Spots Are Unavoidable When We Get Older

Age spots are not due to the age of a person. Though, it is more likely to get age spots at the age of 40 than at the age of 20, but they more often occur due to prolonged exposure to the harmful UV rays. Even genetics play a vital role in age spots. Many women opt to lighten the spots for beauty or cosmetic reasons, but it is advisable to use a good sun protection cream to avoid these spots.

6.      Greasy Or Oily Foods Trigger Acne

Though oily foods are not a healthy choice, there is still no evidence as whether they can be blamed alone for acne. In fact, citrus based and dairy products are more likely to trigger acne compared to chocolates or greasy foods.

7.      Blackheads Occur Because Of Dirty Skin

Though these are dark in appearances, blackheads do not contain dirt and you simply cannot wash these away either. Blackheads occur when the skin creates sebum in excess. Further, dead cells cause the sebum to flush through pores and this obstructs the pores further causing a choke up. So when the clog comes close to the surface, it turns into black color. Never scrub blackheads with usual facial scrub. Instead, you ought to use skincare products that consist of salicylic acid, which helps to exfoliate the pores from inside and wash away the dead cells.