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Generic Celebrex 100mg – Pain Killing Wonder Drug

Celecoxib  100mg
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  • Generic Name : Celecoxib
  • Strength :100mg
  • Brand Name : Celebrex
  • Expire Date : 06/26/2021
  • Average Delivery : 10 Days
  • Generic Name : Celecoxib
  • Brand Name : Celebrex
  • Average Delivery : 10 Days
  • Strength :100mg
  • Expire Date : 06/26/2021
  • Shipping :Worldwide

Product Details

  • Generic Name    :   Celecoxib
  • Average Delivery   :  10 Days
  • Strength(s)     :   100mg
  • Expire Date    :   06/26/2021
  • Brand Name     :   Celebrex
  • Shipping     :   Worldwide


Generic Celebrex is an excellent medication to treat inflammation and pain resulting due to osteoarthritis, painful menstruation, rheumatoid and other menstruation problems. The medication is very useful in treating stiffness or tenderness resulting due to muscle cramps and spinal injury. In addition, the drug finds its use in the treatment of rectum polyps. The active element of Generic Celebrex is Celecoxib, which helps in providing long-term and regular relief from the pain and inflammation.

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Generic Celebrex contains Celecoxib which belongs to the NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) family.


Generic Celebrex is found to be acting in a step wise pattern allowing immediate action upon consumption. Its primary action is the inhibition of the COX-2 enzyme which is responsible for promoting the production of prostaglandins (chemical messengers) that are responsible for arthritis inflammation. It contains Celecoxib a principal component which works by reducing the production of pro-inflammatory hormones that cause inflammation. It is found to be working effectively in women having menstruation pains by significantly reducing the pro-inflammatory hormones. The drug is especially useful in providing quick relief from osteoarthritis related pain in hip and knee joints


People allergic to Finasteride should stay away from consuming Generic Celebrex. Patients who are having kidney or liver disorders should take prior consultation of their doctors before consuming this medication. The family doctor should be consulted before beginning consumption of this medicine, this is especially important for older men. People consuming this medicine should refrain from donating blood to pregnant women as the chemical present in it could harm the fetus. Consumption of the medicine has been seen to produce some common side effects like pain in one’s testicles, headaches, swelling of one’s hands and feet, rashes on the skin, abnormal breathing, tenderness and swelling in women’s breasts.
On observing severe symptoms like reduction in one’s sperm count, impotency and lack of sexual interest the patient taking the medicines should immediately report them to the doctor. It is advised that Generic Celebrex should not be consumed by women and children. One should never exceed the recommend dosage as it could lead to severe side effects. Pregnant women should avoid consuming this medicine as Finasteride present in it could harm the growing fetus. Severe side effects in this regard can also lead to loss of the baby.

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