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Generic Antivert – Fighting for your body

Meclizine  250mg
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  • Generic Name : Meclizine
  • Strength :250mg
  • Brand Name : Antivert
  • Expire Date : 11/30/2020
  • Average Delivery : 10 Days
  • Generic Name : Meclizine
  • Brand Name : Antivert
  • Average Delivery : 10 Days
  • Strength :250mg
  • Expire Date : 11/30/2020
  • Shipping :Worldwide

Product Details

  • Generic Name    :   Meclizine
  • Average Delivery   :  10 Days
  • Strength(s)     :   250mg
  • Expire Date    :   11/30/2020
  • Brand Name     :   Antivert
  • Shipping     :   Worldwide


Antiverts are Antihistamines. They block the natural effects of histamines chemicals in our body. The drug is useful in the treatment of vomiting, dizziness and nausea caused because of motion sickness. It has also found useful in treating symptoms of vertigo.

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Meclizine is an antihistamine with antiemetic and antispasmodic properties.


Antivert should be consumed in dosages exactly as prescribed on the bottle label. Antivert tablets must be taken with a full glass of water, if one is having trouble taking it on an empty stomach he or she can eat a little and then take the medication. To effectively treat vertigo related problems, one would have to take Antivert many times a day, however prior consultation with one’s doctor is needed in this regard. Other medications used to treat colds, seizures, depression, sleeping pills and muscle relaxers should be avoided when taking Generic Antivert.


The drug has been observed to make some patients dizzy or drowsy; hence it’s very vital that after taking the drug the patient should not do any activity that requires alertness like driving and working on heavy machinery. Certain patients have reported stomach bleeding and the risk increases when the patient has been consuming tobacco and alcohol. The medication can also make you more sensitive to the sun; it is highly advised that one should wear sunscreen and use protective sun block so as to avoid skin damage. Some products have sodium salts in them so it’s important to consult the doctor if one is on a restricted diet.

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