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Control Bacterial Infection with Generic Amoxil

Amoxicillin  500mg
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  • Generic Name : Amoxicillin
  • Strength :500mg
  • Brand Name : Amoxil
  • Expire Date : 06/26/2021
  • Average Delivery : 10 Days
  • Generic Name : Amoxicillin
  • Brand Name : Amoxil
  • Average Delivery : 10 Days
  • Strength :500mg
  • Expire Date : 06/26/2021
  • Shipping :Worldwide

Product Details

  • Generic Name    :   Amoxicillin
  • Average Delivery   :  10 Days
  • Strength(s)     :   500mg
  • Expire Date    :   06/26/2021
  • Brand Name     :   Amoxil
  • Shipping     :   Worldwide


Fight bacterial infections with the most potent antibiotics of recent times, i.e. Generic Amoxil. The medicine is effective in the treatment of intestinal infections, bronchitis, sinusitis and UTI or urinary tract infections. The active ingredient found in Generic Amoxil is Amoxicillin, which stops the growth of bacteria and flushes it out of your body. Generic Amoxil works on both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria effectively. The drug not only stops the growth of bacteria, but it also reduces the risks of its recurrence by making your immune system resistant to the bacteria. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor prior to starting with the dose of Generic Amoxil and never alter the dose on your own. The drug is exclusively meant for adults thus, you ought to keep it away from kids and pets. In addition, pregnant women too must stay away from this medication.

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Amoxicillin, a semisynthetic antibiotic.


The given standard for consuming Generic Amoxil is 250 mg, thrice a day. Although, dosage may vary i.e. increased or reduced depending upon severity of infection. It is necessary to consult a doctor prior to starting the dose or before altering its quantity. Always have this medication along with a glass of water for immediate results. The following dosage may be applied for below listed conditions, however, be sure to consult your physician first:

  • Pediatric patients must have a low dosage, i.e. between 100 mg to 150 mg, twice a day.
  • Individuals with ear, nasal or throat infection, the dose should be about 200 mg to 400 mg.

An overdose can be harmful to your health. Avoid non-alcoholic beverages and do not intake alcohol before, during or after having your medication.


The medicine is safe for consumption; however, it may cause temporary mild effects like fever, vomiting, dizziness, numbness, diarrhea or seizure as the body adapts to it. In the event of having trouble in breathing or experiencing hives, post consumption of this pill, please seek immediate assistance of a physician. Keep it away from the reach of children. Expecting mothers and especially ones breastfeeding should avoid it, for it can be harmful for the health of the unborn child or infant. The elderly are suggested to seek a doctor's advice over their dosage. Individuals suffering from convulsions or seizures and with a family history of the same must avoid this medication. The said medication is to treat bacterial infections only. Do not use it for viral or fungal infection. Consult a physician before starting or altering the dosage intake if you are already taking treatments for any health problems. Consume this medicine only as prescribed by your doctor. Excessive amount can be harmful. Do not repeat the course on completion without a physician's approval. For effective recovery have it with water and not alcohol. Resist the urge of smoking or chewing tobacco, since it will hamper the drug's curative process.

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