FDA Closer to Approving Merck’s Insomnia Drug Suvorexant
May 24th, 2013

Merck & Co are a step closer to getting their insomnia treating pill suvorexant approved by the FDA. The FDA has in turn set up a panel to analyze whether the Merck suggested dose of the medicine will lead to next day drowsiness.

New Drug In Clinical Test To Treat Asthmatics
May 23rd, 2013

A new asthma drug aims to help affected people to control their condition (the drug named dupilumab). A remark about the asthma research explained that it is too early to inform if this treatment will be clinically valuable (though it probably will be).

Chemotherapy cause Hair Loss
Research Proposes Radiotherapy In The Evening To Minimize Its Side Effects
May 22nd, 2013

The negative effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy can be minimized if the treatment is given in the evening rather than in the morning, as per a new study in California. It is best to give radiotherapy when the body is in its restorative state late in the day.

Study Suggests You Shock Your Brain To Boost Your Math Skill
May 18th, 2013

According to an Oxford University research controlled electric stimulation to the brain can enhance a person’s mathematical thinking or skills. The research was small scale and now the focus of the scientists is to find if there are any downsides to this method of math skill boosting.

Excess Mobile Use cause hypertension
Tring Tring ! Hypertension Calling! Excess Mobile Phone Use Raises Blood Pressure
May 17th, 2013

Those talking too much on their mobile phones need to watch out for hypertension if a new study is to be believed. But for the young ones who are addicted to their phones the result might vary.

New Weight Loss Option eat Insects
Latest Weight Loss Option, Munch on Insects
May 15th, 2013

A report published in the UN states that eating certain nutrition filled insects could increase our chances of losing weight. This is also good news for farmers as they can now opt for insect farming as a source of livelihood.

Generic Viagra Is The Best Solution For Erectile Dysfunction
April 17th, 2013

Erectile dysfunction is normally faced by various men in the world. It is necessary that a person known the best possible solution so that it can be treated. Generic Viagra is considered as the best solution when it comes to the treatment of Generic Viagra.

Erection Problems
Generic Viagra Is Trusted And Worthy Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction
April 12th, 2013

Erectile dysfunction is the most common problem which is faced by men in today’s world. There are various medicines available in the market which can help one to fight it; Generic Viagra is the most trusted and worthy medicine among those all.

How to Use Viagra Or Generic viagra
Generic Viagra Is As Reliable As Branded Drug
April 12th, 2013

There are always speculations about the generic drug. All those rumors are surrounded the generic drugs as they are available at a reasonable price as compared to their counterparts branded drugs. But, these are only speculations as in reality, they all are same.

Health Checklist Before Taking Sildenafil Citrate
Health Checklist Before Taking Sildenafil Citrate
April 12th, 2013

The advantage of being an educated and literate audience today, is that we can find out and be sure of any chemical or drug intake that we pull off, what could be its toll on the health – positively and negatively and to know whether the balance of the merit and demerit is favorable or not! A similar situation applies to any intake of medication especially if it is related to a dysfunction like that of erectile dysfunction.

Obesity And Erectile Dysfunction Are Connected
March 1st, 2013

We are aware that obesity causes various troubles to the health. A research done shows that erectile dysfunction can be another known result of the obesity. This is because; obesity is also the cause of hypertension which may result in erectile dysfunction.

weight loss
News – Sildenafil Can Help You Lose Weight
January 29th, 2013

We have known that Sildenafil, commonly known as Viagra, helps to boost your sexual life. But in a study done, it was found that this can also be used to burn fat and avoid putting on weight.

Health News – Condoms Don’t Spoil The Mood Of Sex
January 25th, 2013

If you think that the condom destroys the mood of sex then you are wrong. It can provide you the same pleasure and fun that you can get in an unprotected sex.

Generic_and _Brands
Generic Versions Of Drug Are Seeing A Rising Demand
January 18th, 2013

You might be prescribed with a branded medicine but more people are opting for generic version of those drug. The important reason been those medicines are costly as compared to branded ones. Even if, generic versions would see price rise, the demand doesn’t seems to come down.