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Make Your Lips Luscious With These Simple Ways
August 16th, 2013

Almost all women across the globe crave beautiful fully rounded pouting lips. We also wish they did not crack at the change of the seasons. We all hope that we have luscious and glossy lips all the time without having to worry about what we eat or drink. Chemical treatments and surgeries can help you obtain that perfect shape but then what is real, is real! However, there are certain simple products which are available with most of us which can also help you put together a beauty secret of your own to get those beautiful lips.

Keep Away From These Habits To Thwart Pimples
August 12th, 2013

Pimples are very common among young people. For all those suffering from this problem, I would advise you to keep away from some bad habits that cause pimples on face.

Skin Problems
5 Common Skin Problems Faced By Adults
August 2nd, 2013

As we go old from teenager to adulthood we become responsible but with that even our problems increases, mainly skin. Some problem starts and stick till grave, here, this article will throw some lights on such five common problems.

Itchy Palms
Find The Exact Cause Behind Your Itchy Palms And Soles!
July 25th, 2013

To help you in planning effective strategies for managing itchy palms and soles, we have listed below the causes that trigger this intriguing skin problem. Have a look below and detect the actual reason behind this irritating skin problem.

Go The Natural Way For Your Body Care
July 12th, 2013

Nowadays many people apply deodorants in order to keep themselves from the perspirations and its effects. These are excellent in acting as the antiperspirants. However many people are concerned about the health and environmental effects produced by these deodorants and that is why the use of chemical and synthetic deodorants and antiperspirants is being skeptically eyed.

Tired Of Facial Hair- Try These
July 10th, 2013

If you think that only men are the ones how have to battle facial hair, think again. Women have to go through it too and the look can be extremely annoying. Try these to get rid of them for good. Hair on the face can make even a beautiful woman look ugly. All the ladies can try these home remedies to get rid of facial hair and see visible results.

Get Away With Black Heads Naturally
July 5th, 2013

Face is the facade of our body, if your face looks good-you look good. And black heads are the most common reason to spoil it, so in the process to improve your skin and face this article will provide you with information of natural methods to remove black heads.

Natural And Easy Beauty Tips For Women
July 3rd, 2013

Women are always focus on their beautiful and healthy body, but to get it with cosmetics and creams would be too expensive and not safe for many, but at the same time nature will help you to assist and get it right. This article will provide you with natural beauty secrets for your body.

Get Rid Of Tough Blemishes With These Easy Tips
June 28th, 2013

Don’t we all have to face the problem of going all patchy with dark spots and blemishes on our skin when it is the wrong time? Yes, it is time for puberty, pregnancy, menstruation or even menopause that women especially have to go through insane swings in their skin. This could however be on the face, neck and back etc.

Dark circles
Dark Circles Getting In The Way? Get Rid Of It At Home
June 26th, 2013

In this stressful and fast world, dark circles has become very common and hardly gets time to visit experts. For those people, there are some natural remedies, by which you can easily cure dark circles in home.

Beauty Tips For Life – How To Maintain With Ease
June 18th, 2013

You had always wanted a flawless beautiful skin but do not know how to attain. Well, this article lists few tips on how you can enhance your natural beauty in a healthy way.

Skin Care Tips For Summer 2013
Skincare Suggestions for Summer
June 7th, 2013

So you have stacked all those bulky jackets and sweaters of the winters and sporting cool tees. It is an indication of summer. However, do not neglect your skin here.

pedicure at Home
Tips On Doing Manicure And Pedicure At Home
May 18th, 2013

Getting an appointment for a manicure or pedicure has become quite a cumbersome task these days and not everyone has the liberty to get these done on a regular basis. So it becomes imperative to know how manicure and pedicure can be done at home.

Body Oil For Skin
Benefits Of Body Oil In Skin Health
April 16th, 2013

It is an essential fact to realise that whether you bear an oily or dry or a combination skin, it is the natural oils like coconut, almond and Rodin olio lusso oils, etc. that can do the required nourishment for your skin!

Dermographism: The Reasons And Solutions
April 2nd, 2013

Dermographism, as the name suggests is the visible redness, inflammation and raised structure of the derma (skin) which may take place when the subject is hit, stroked or rubbed and is noticed in 5 percent of the population of which ninety five percent cases may be unsolved.